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Or order a Free Book For a child who has been diagnosed in the last 12 months  

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"I Have Diabetes Club". Your annual membership also includes a personal award on the Diaversary Month to celebrate how many years they have been diabetic, a specialized Diabetic Club Gift, and newsletters. In addition, you may also be invited to special events to meet with other kids with diabetes and have access to a network with other members all over the world .

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Our Free Book and Support Program  

I Have Diabetes Book 

Thanks to our sponsor Byram Healthare, we are able to supply free books to newly diagnosed children 

Karri and daughter Kindra,  meet with families who have just been diagnosed in the Hospital, in their homes or online. They give helpful information to caregivers with support and understanding. Every child receives a free book and we let them know that this gets easier with time, and they are not alone.

The I Have Diabetes Club 

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Having diabetes, getting numerous shots and multiple finger pokes each day, is not fun! Our diabetes book and this organization were inspired by Kindra Andersen who was diagnosed at age 4. Through that experience, her mother, Karri, saw the need to create a tool to help children, parents and family members understand the effects of diabetes and to let them know they are not alone. Our goal is to bring a little something positive to a child's situation and a smile to their face and to give helpful information to caregivers with support and understanding.

Free Diabetes Book to recently diagnosed Children! Books are now being donated throughout the U.S. and Nation wide! 
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed within the last 12 months, please contact us to receive your free book and support material. If your child was diagnosed over 12 months ago and you would like to order a book, please order above.