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"Utah mom helps kids understand type 1 diabetes".

Sharing knowledge » Her daughter was diagnosed at age 4, and Karri Andersen wanted others to understand the disease.

By Megan Gessel
Feb 18, 2013


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Karri and Kindra at the American Diabetes Association

In June of 2012, Karri Andersen, along with her Daughter Kindra, were invited to read the “I Have Diabetes” book at the American Diabetes Association, Playhouse Diabetes. It was a great to see over 70 children with type one diabetes be able to relate to this book. Karri loves to share her book and is always willing to do readings or events. Please contact her if you would like any information.

How the book got started....

When Kindra was not feeling well and initially diagnosed with diabetes, her mom Karri was initially shocked, worried and wondered how it would effect Kindra and the rest of the family. During those initial visits, they saw many books at the hospital and in doctor's offices about everything from broken bones and first aid to tonsillitis and appendicitis. There were no books on children's diabetes.

As weeks and months went by and both Kindra and Karri learned how to manage her condition, they realized that a book made for children about all their experiences would really help others in the same situation. Karri and Kindra started writing and making drawings about the whole process. Karri learned all about self publishing and after some initial investment, the book became a reality. The task now is to get the book into hospitals and offices around the country and into the hands of families and children diagnosed with diabetes.

Karri Andersen:

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